The reasons for Japan’s unwillingness to open borders to refugees. In the final
The reasons for Japan’s unwillingness to open borders to refugees. In the final project, I will examine why the Japanese government is so reluctant to accept refugees. It is well known that Japan is reluctant to take in migrants. The Group of Seven leading democracies, with the exception of Japan, received a few thousand to tens of thousands of refugees in 2020. But just 47 people received refugee status from Tokyo. Looking from a global perspective Japan should get criticized for its resistance to refugees but I will defend the Japanese government because there are many factors that are involved in society and the identity of Japan that makes them resist refugees Explain why accepting refugees are important for the global society and why japan gets criticized for not playing a role regarding to refugees Explain the pros and cons of refugees Compare Japan and other developed countries on their acceptance rate and the total refugees that are welcomed into the nation Explain the social and institutional background to defend why japan is reluctant to accept refugees Compare japan to other countries’ interest in accepting refugees (why japan does not need refugees) Incorporate that although japan has strict borders it has welcomed approximately 1000 Ukrainian refugees and will gradually start accepting refuges in the future. Must use the resources that I have provided and others and the one below Thomas Pogge, “Priorities of Global Justice,” Metaphilosophy, vol. 32, no. 1/2, 2001, pp. 6–24.

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