“The Real World: This is Where I Stand” For this assignment, I’d like you to wri
“The Real World: This is Where I Stand” For this assignment, I’d like you to write an essay following the Rogerian model of argumentation that examines divergent sides of a controversial issue and attempts to strike a compromise between different points of view. The steps for creating a Rogerian argument will be found at the bottom of this module, but here are two points to consider: A Rogerian argument takes a stance for or against a controversial issue. (Remember a controversy is any issue that generates at least two opinions. During this unit, you’ll journal many controversial issues you might use for this essay.) After making your stance clear, and after paying respect to at least one point from your opponent’s point of view, a Rogerian argument always strikes a compromise in an attempt to reach some kind of agreement between yourself and your opponent. Important points for Essay Three: Your essay needs to be a minimum of 500 words. Use Third Person Point of View unless you are drawing from personal experience for a brief anecdote. DO NOT write phrases such as "In my opinion," "I believe," or "I think" because they create an under-confident tone. Draw from at least two outside sources. (Remember, TCC’s online library offers many databases that will help you research your topic. In another module, we’ll examine one of these databases.) Weave at least two and no more than four direct quotations into your writing. Use the MLA Format for in-text documentation and Works Cited entries. For the week of 7/19, you’ll read an article called "The Rogerian Method: How To!" It's a great article in that it outlines necessary steps for creating the essential compromise. However, as the article states, the Model does not really need to be followed in any cookie-cutter, prescribed way. As long as the elements are used, the writer can feature them in any order he or she chooses. Here's a more pared-down, possible "recipe" for the model: In paragraph one your topic must be clear. Topic can be defined as the overall subject of an arguable issue. (What we call controversy in this class.) By the first part of your second paragraph, your position must be clear. Position is simply a statement of your stance on the issue. (Please remember to avoid “In my opinion,” “I think,” and “I believe.”) Your support should make up the basis of the body of the essay. Support reflects the explanations, illustrations, examples, statistics, or expert quotations that prove your stance is valid. Of course, you must cite all outside sources using the MLA format for in-text citations and Works Cited entries. See the MLA Guidelines for Citations link on our module page. After you’ve developed your support, be sure to offer your Opposition’s Point of View: In at least one sentence, explain your opposition’s most valid, strongest point. If you do not respect your opposition’s point of view, if you think they are crazy for believing as they do, please pick an entirely different topic. Rebuttal: After you pay due respect to at least one point from your opposition, follow up with a statement that reminds the of the validity of your stance. Since this is a Rogerian argument, your rebuttal must also offer a compromise in an attempt to reach some kind of agreement between yourself and your opponent. (Remember to use the third person!) of that recognition. A Rogerian argument will focus on facilitating understanding and reaching agreement through compromise.

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