The purposes of this assignment are to familiarize the student with one advanced
The purposes of this assignment are to familiarize the student with one advanced practice registered nurse’s role in one or more practice setting(s), and to demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze the ways in which the APRN complies, or fails to comply with, current laws and practice standards and evidence in the literature. Each student will arrange to interview, virtually, an advanced practice nurse (CNS, NP, CRNA, or CNM). Use the interview questions listed below as a guide for paper content. Note that the interview questions address objectives listed throughout the four modules of the course. Finally, analyze the information obtained based on clinical practice standards, the laws, and the literature. For each question refer to the BON, certifying boards or peer-reviewed journals to identify and document the appropriate and necessary actions the APRN should take. For instance, analyzing the accuracy and adequacy or the APRN’s job description and explaining the purpose of a job description. Please note that this paper is not supposed to be a transcript of your interview, but that you should use the literature and readings from the course to supplement and analyze components of your interview. For example, the question related to APRNs and policy involvement, if your APRN states she does not have time for being involved in policy involvement, finding some literature out there related to prevalence or challenges of APRN involvement in policy. Please review the rubric for the paper when writing the paper as the analysis piece of it is worth 35 points. The analysis should be brief but thorough. References should be cited in the analysis and included on the reference list according to APA style. Write and format the paper using APA, 7th edition, with a maximum length of 7 pages (excluding title page and appendices). Any sample documents (e.g., APRN’s job description, performance evaluation) may be placed in the Appendix and are NOT included in the page limit. Rubric: Criterion Long Description 25 pts: Obtains the majority of information from the stated questions. Articulation of the information is clear and succinct. 35 pts: Information obtained is appropriately analyzed. There are connections between data and concepts throughout the reading and other course materials. 10 pts: Appropriate conclusion is included. Includes a synopsis of the APRN's practice based upon the analysis of data. 10 pts: ncludes at least 5 references (peer reviewed journal articles, web references to appropriate source—state board of nursing, certifying body, accrediting agency, educational institution, or similar). At least 3 of the 5 references used should be peer reviewed journal articles. 20 pts: APA, Grammar, Stylistics, etc. are scholarly and appropriate.

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