The purpose of this project is to assess and advance your ability to design trea
The purpose of this project is to assess and advance your ability to design treatment approaches using one of the family therapy interventions reviewed in this course (Bowen, Strategic, Structural, Psychoanalytic, CBT, or Solution Focused) and develop a pseudo-treatment plan. Three parts Part 1 I) Theory: Describe the core theory and concepts of the specific family therapy approach you would use with a family to include the origin and development of the theory. You may reference your textbook, but it is recommended that you also use other sources when describing the therapy model you will be using. Please make sure to discuss the following items: a. This section should include the basic theoretical foundations, b. Discussion of what normal family development looks like according to this theory, c. When does the family behaviors become problematic according to this theory, d. What are the goals of therapy for this theory, e. How does this theory approach assessment, and f. What are the common techniques associated with this theory? Part Two: (25 points) II) Assessment: Based upon the core theory concepts described in part one of this assignment answer the following two questions a. Use your theories' theoretical core ideas to explain the family's (family for which you did the intake) primary presenting problematic behavior b. Describe the dysfunctional interactional patterns. Part Three: (30 points) III) Goals and Intervention: Based upon the theory of choice, your identification of the problematic behaviors and interactional patterns of the family, complete the three following questions: a. Describe what your goals will be for this family's therapy b. Describe the techniques you will use to assist this family to reach their goals c. Describe what will be different with this family when the therapy you are using is successful (goals). APA format is required for this assignment. (5 points)

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