The proof of observation part will be given by myself (you don’t need to do that
The proof of observation part will be given by myself (you don't need to do that). The interview parents should be Chinese family. The interview format is two online interview (through video meeting) for each parent. You could write the observation based on this information. Submit your assignment with the following structure: Proof of observation Include a selfie of you with interview participants (these will not be shared with anyone other than your instructor) Description of observation experience Describe what the interview experience was like. For example: Were you familiar and comfortable talking with these parents? Were any questions more or less difficult to ask than others? Analysis of observation What do you notice in comparing the responses between the two interviews? Be detailed in your analysis and incorporate course concepts as you examine your notes Are there discrepancies that may be explain by any demographic or cultural factors? Compare what you observed to topics covered by the course so far, both from a child development perspective and as if you were a parent General Reflection Provide overall opinion about the information you gathered and the parents/families you visited. Provide your assessment of the observation/activity process and experience (what you learned, what you wished you would have learned, what you would do differently). Conclusion - Wrap it all up! What did you learn? What are key takeaways from this observation experience? Is there a need for any sort of action or advocacy around discipline strategies?

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