The project for this course is to research a topic and type a paper on your find
The project for this course is to research a topic and type a paper on your findings and synthesis. It will be a topic pertaining to the history of the United States between the years 1890 and 2016. You may select a person, event, or development. The purpose of this project is to examine events that have had, and still have, impacts on the US. Considering the number of possible topics, there will be no repeat topics. This means that you cannot do a topic that has already been picked by another student. This is an opportunity for you to examine a topic in more detail that reflects your interests. There is more to history than social, political and military events. There's art, music, sports, medicine, science, economics, etc. There are a lot of topics that do connect to your interests and majors. If you are going into the medical field, there were pandemics in the past and searches for vaccines to diseases like the flu pandemic of 1918, tuberculosis, and polio. The first largest mobilization of a nursing corps was in World War II. The development of radio, or wirelss, led to a communications revolution. Fashion trends set by movie stars began with silent films. There was art and literature coming out of the Harlem Renaissance. In sports, there's Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali who were noted for their sports and social justice accomplishments. Before them, Jesse Owens and Jim Thorpe were well known sports figures involved with activism, but they not so much known today. Your paper will be a minimum of 9 to 10 pages in 10, 11, or 12 point font. There will be two parts to your paper. The first part (about 75%) will be descriptions and explanations of your topic. The second portion will be your assessment of your topic's impacts and consequences for the United States, and perhaps, the world. Your evaluations and conclusions need to be coherent and also supported by the material you examined. The minimum length of the body of your paper is to be 9 to 10 pages in length, excluding footnotes or end notes. Do not worry about going over any limit. It is always better to go over the minimum than under it. However, try not exceed a maximum of 12/13 pages. The title page, and the bibliography page that will follow the essay, likewise, do not count as part of the body. Organization is important in putting your essay together. A way of organizing is a general outline followed by one that is more detailed. A basic general outline would be: Title Page I. Introduction II. Biographical background III. Evaluations, speculations, and opinions IV. Conclusion (Endnotes page – if not using foot notes) Bibliography/Works Consulted

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