The Pop Culture paper option is as follows: Assignment: Choose a song, film, sho
The Pop Culture paper option is as follows: Assignment: Choose a song, film, show, or current event to philosophically analyze using one of our philosophers/philosophies. First, begin with an introduction that sets up your discussion. For example: The Netflix Series 'Living With Yourself' follows a disillusioned, middle-aged man, Miles, as he struggles to create himself anew. Unbeknownst to him, after visiting a spa to renew himself, he is literally created anew. That is, he is cloned. His clone claims to be the real Miles, but of course Miles thinks he's Miles. They both have the same memories, the same body, the same DNA, so who is Miles? John Locke dealt with issues of identity and difference, especially how consciousness and memory bear upon personal identity. Using the philosophy of Locke, I will try to answer the question, who is Miles? Second, you will explain clearly and in detail the relevant philosophical ideas. In my pretend paper (which actually sounds fun and now I want to write it), I would explain Locke's theory of identity. I would include features of identity for living things and for persons, because both are relevant. I wouldn't have to talk about the identity of inanimate objects because Miles is a living body. Third, tell the relevant parts of the story/song. Every detail of the show or movie isn't going to be relevant. Pick what truly matters to the analysis. Far too often, students spend more time on the story than on the analysis. The analysis is the important part. Don't over-summarize. Furthermore, once you are actually doing the analysis, more details will naturally come out. Fourth, start connecting the philosophy to the story/song. Questions you can consider (but don't feel that you must answer each of these--some will be relevant to your topic, some won't): What can the philosophy tell us about what's going on, how the characters react, or the consequences of actions? In what ways does your topic demonstrate the philosophy? Which parts conflict? Does your story show the philosophy to be correct? Does your story/song show that the philosophy is wrong or needs more? How would the philosophical theory solve a problem (especially in ethics)? How does your story help up understand a philosopher or theory better? Lastly, give a conclusion. Wrap it all up. Answer any questions that you opened up during the paper. Reflect on how your discussion is useful for real life. Reflect on issues unresolved.

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