The policy that the paper will be on is Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Ref
The policy that the paper will be on is Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform website is PART C: POLICY ANALYSIS, 150 POINTS, 20% OF THE FINAL GRADE, DUE 24 HOURS AFTER THE WEEK 8 LIVE SESSION Benefits and Services This section describes the provisions of the policy, please review the options discussed in the text on page 102. It should be 230- to 300-words (one-half- to one-page) single-spaced analysis of the benefits and/or services provided by the policy. Briefly discuss the policy's benefits and services: Identify if the policy provides opportunities, vouchers or services. Is there a public stigma associated with the policy and/or the beneficiaries? Does the stigma discourage individuals from participating? If applicable, identify other benefits and services provided to the policy's intended beneficiaries. Analyze the policy's capacity to address the social problem's root cause(s). Is it a band-aid: addressing symptoms rather than causal factors? Funding Sources Construct a 230- to 300-word (one-half- to one-page) single-spaced discussion of the selected policy's funding sources: How is the program funded? Examples of funding sources might include public funds' revenue from fees and taxes, private resources' grants, philanthropy or nongovernmental organizations, or cash payments from clients. Does the policy rely on one source for the majority of its funding? Specify whether funding is from hard or soft money sources. Recommendations Please conclude your policy analysis with a bulleted list of your recommendations or proposed next steps. There is not a specific length requirement for this submission; however, please consider the optimum number of recommendations for a policy analysis (no more than five, ideally three, listed in order of importance). Use the questions below to formulate your recommendations: Does the overall policy address the identified social problem? How is the target population impacted by the policy? As a social work policy practitioner, your recommendations should align with social work values and ethics.

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