The plan shall begin with an introductory overview of the topic. This part shall
The plan shall begin with an introductory overview of the topic. This part shall not exceed one third of the total length of the total paper, as authors should concentrate on the operational details rather than lengthy theorizing. The introduction shall give an overview of the most relevant theoretical considerations and previous research concerning the subject (with citations and references), as well as the author’s own ideas. This introductory part shall be followed by the hypotheses/questions of the planned study.The purpose of the theoretical introduction preceding the hypotheses/questions is not only to provide the reader with some perspective on the topic but also to make it clearwhy these hypotheses/questions are plausible, relevantand interesting regarding the subject.The presentation of the sample and the procedure (manipulation; measurement) shall follow the usual line of research papers in psychology. The operationalization of the variables shall be described clearly and accurately. From this part it should be clear what procedure the author exactly would follow with what kind of sample, in what order, and why. The planned manipulation shall be described clearly and unequivocally, in a way that allows other researchers to repeat the procedure. If questionnaires developed or proposed by the author are to be used, they shall be provided in their complete form (with instructions for research participants and also with a scoring guide if necessary) in an appendix to the paper. If the author plans to use questionnaires already developed and in use in research practice, s/he shall give a citation and a reference to the publication where the complete questionnaire can be found.The presentation of the proposed methods and procedure shall be followed by a short description of the statistical analyses to be conducted on the data. Since this is a plan only and not an actual study, authors should only specify what kind of statistical analyses they would conduct with which variables, and what kind of results they would expect. The paper is concluded with references and appendices if any.In the evaluation of the paper the main consideration is the methodological soundness of the paper. The paper MUST go beyond a simple correlational study. I would like to see some reference to Creswell, John W.; Creswell, J. David (2017). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (5th edition). SAGE Publications. The paper is to be in APA 7 style. Please use Times New Roman 12.

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