The paper will be evaluated as following: Background: (5% of grade) title, meani
The paper will be evaluated as following: Background: (5% of grade) title, meaning or reason for the title, details about the author, when it was first published when, etc. This section should only need ~½ page of text. Setting(s): (20% of grade) a) When does the action takes place in terms of years and seasons if relevant? What and where are the places involved? Are they real or fictional? If fictional, what real places might these fictional places be based upon? b) Sense of Place: Identify and include three specific passages that help visualize and understand the landscapes involved (in your paper, indent and single space long quotes, quotes should not be more than one or two paragraphs each). More importantly, comment on the general sense of place that you get from this novel e.g. What can you learn about the physical and cultural landscapes of this place or region in Asia from reading this book? For example, does it talk about topography or vegetation? Does the story help you identify or better understand dynastic struggles, the impacts of colonization, competing ideologies, ethnic or civil strife, or globalization? Can you identify the ethnicity of the major characters? What languages might they be speaking in the novel? What religions, if any, are involved? What might you learn about these cultures from these characters and the plot? If you had to paint a series of landscape paintings based on the novel, what might this part of Asia look like? Or, if you were going to make a movie based on this novel, what would the sets look like? Non-fiction Perspectives and Comparative Analysis/ quality of sources and research (25% of grade) Find a good variety of non-fiction sources that deal with the time and place in your novel. If relevant, use the themes we have been using throughout the course such as physical geography, population and settlement, culture, economic and social development, and geopolitics. Look especially in the scholarly journal collection or books in the library. You can also use web sources, but I will pay special attention to the quality and quantity of scholarly sources that you are able to find and use. Discuss these new insights about the place and time associated with the novel. Make sure that you have at least 6-7 diverse scholarly sources. Try to include a map of the places in the novel if possible. Compare the information and the sense of place gathered from the non-fiction sources to the information and sense of place you get from the novel. Writing and Bibliography: (35% of the grade) Good organization and writing, including complete and correct citations is important. The final paper should be 10-12 pages typed, complete with a bibliography. Use any standard writing format, such as APA, MLA or Chicago Manual of Style. (n.b. 5% of your grade for this assignment will be based on whether or not you did the classroom presentation, and 10% will be based on whether or not you handed in the drafts on or before the due dates listed)

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