The paper needs to be 3-4 pages long but 3 is fine (not including the works cite
The paper needs to be 3-4 pages long but 3 is fine (not including the works cited page). MLA 8th edition. Attached is the official instructions for the essay in a word doc. An additional 2 sources must be added that you must find by yourself. The paper will be about the Tao Te Ching. The entire Tao Te Ching can be found here: // Attached is also an assignment I did for class "s1 english 3 tao te ching" where I had to choose my favorite poem from the Tao Te Ching, which may or may not give you a better initial idea of what the Tao Te Ching is actually about. It's just an ancient collection of inspiring short poems. You are welcome to build some of the paper off of what I wrote in that assignment. The essay instructions in simple terms is to just simply weave in historical context to parts of the writings. You are required to pick 3-4 literacy elements of the piece and discuss them in detail. Examples of elements that you can bring up are: rhyme schemes, poem patterns, voice of the poem, mood, title, endings -- "Did the poem interest you because of background information, such as the poet’s life or the civilization it came from?" -- Basically, any literacy element is fine to discuss, as long as it is 3-4 of them. Thank you very much! Please don't hesitate to message me if any questions.

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