The object of this assignment is to write a case study on the use of one (no mor
The object of this assignment is to write a case study on the use of one (no more than two, if closely linked) social media channel by a recognized non- or not-for-profit entity. Acceptable examples of non- and not-forprofit entities can include NGOs, charitable organizations, volunteer groups, public libraries, museums, but also municipal governments. Although the latter may seem more appropriate in the first case study, we can include them here on the basis that municipal governments are not party-structured. In presenting the case in a professional, informative, and pithy manner, evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the organization's use of their chosen social media channel(s). Provide some statistical information if possible (number of followers, changes in engagement, click-throughs, impressions, etc - there are a number of freely available social media analytic services online). You are welcome and encouraged to use graphics such as charts, graphs and illustrative screen captures in the case study.Unlike writing a formal deductive essay, or an inductive scientific paper, this assignment will be a form of training for those who may find themselves in a career situation in the public or private sector to produce case studies, memos, and reports.Please use a non-profit that is more popular that is easily recognizable!

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