The final paper in this class is an argumentative essay that elaborates on the p
The final paper in this class is an argumentative essay that elaborates on the possibility of the United States being threatened in the future by a terrorist organization. You will focus on ONE international organization OR ONE domestic terrorism category. The students have the liberty to choose any domestic or international group that we covered in class. The students are encouraged to conduct outside research beyond the material provided by the instructor. Using the class material, the students will choose ONE terrorist organization/group/category and argue whether there is a possibility of this organization/group challenging the United States homeland security. Students will complete a (5) five-page paper (1200-1500 words; no longer than 8 pages, page count does not include the references page). You can observe the imminent future, a few months or a year ahead (a 5-year or even a longer period). You can focus on one target (critical infrastructure, people, economy, United States' position in the world, etc.), or you can focus on homeland security in more general terms. The essay should follow the general APA formatting style (Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced) and the essay must have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The students are required to properly cite their work (in-text and reference page- APA style) and provide a well-developed argument supporting their thesis. You can include 1-2 (no more than 3) graphs, tables, maps, etc. Parameters Your essay must cover: 1) Two methods/tactics used by this organizations Examples might include weapons (guns), bombs (explosives), arson, cyberattacks, technology, biological weapons, the media, radicalization, violence, etc. 2) Two reasons why this organization is dangerous: Examples might include that the organization is reporting growing numbers, frequency of attacks, geographical position, ideological radicalism, appeal to the public, targeting U.S. youth, targeting U.S. bases abroad, controlling the land/government, etc. 3) Two specific counterterrorism measures: For example, if an organization is engaging in attacks on critical infrastructure with the premise of hurting people and disrupting the U.S. economy- would an appropriate prevention measure be increased governmental oversight of privately owned critical infrastructure? 4) Should this organization decide to attack the U.S. what would be the biggest consequences to the U.S. homeland security? This question relates to the capabilities of the organization. Think about if the organization targets critical infrastructure and decides to expose the water systems to a poisonous/nuclear agent - will the impact be localized or more communities will suffer? Think about the human and economic toll, disturbance of operations, and exceeding local resources. Would they engage in multiple attacks or do they have operational capability only for small, individual attacks? Structure of the paper The Introduction (1-1.5 pg.) This part serves to can the reader's attention. The introduction should outline the topic, provide background information, present your argument and outline the rest of the paper. Your introduction should convey urgency. Your thesis should be a part of your first paragraph, it is a concise, one-sentence summary of your main point and claim. Your thesis should clearly state your position on the topic. The Body (3-4 pg.) This part should include three or more topics supporting your thesis (each topic should cover 2-3 paragraphs). The body should be supported with evidence and you should explain why the reader should agree with your position. Back up your topic sentences with examples, research, some statistics, and academic journals. A discussion of opposing viewpoints adds to your argument so make sure you introduce opposing points of view and disprove them or explain why you disagree with them. The body should include its historical (political) background, the premise of the group's ideology, and its previous terrorist activities. The body can also include an analysis can of the group's operational capabilities, global reach, and motivations to threaten. Is the group a small cell with the potential to grow, or is it a group that has been removed from the list? Are there any regions in the world right now that are in predisposition to have a social, political, or ideological split that can birth new groups or spark old nationalities and separatist terrorism? The point is for you to critically analyze the group's background, their regional, social, and historical context before jumping to a concluding argument. The Conclusion (1 pg.) In conclusion, you should reinstate your main argument on whether terrorism remains a possible threat to the United States' homeland security. Restate your thesis statement with the evidence and explanations you’ve provided in the body. What is it that is making the organization dangerous? Your conclusion should be compelling and it should bring your argument to a close. Explain how your evidence clearly supports your arguments and why your thesis is well-founded, logical, and credible. Outline your viewpoints and use persuasive language to make your closing remarks.

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