The final paper assesses your overall knowledge of the course content, program,
The final paper assesses your overall knowledge of the course content, program, policy, science, opinions, perspectives, and recommendations on “what should be done” to address the overwhelming health disparities experienced by Indigenous populations throughout the world. The final paper must focus on “solutions” toward addressing the overwhelming health status and conditions suffered by Indigenous populations. We want you to “think critically” about your topic and the discussion/solutions you propose. In essence, the paper is a solutions-based analysis where you will be expected to emphasize answer(s)/solution(s) to the health problems mentioned in our readings and class lectures. Students will be expected to reference the convoluted native history with the US government, policies, environment, living conditions, and current health climate of Indigenous people. Please DO NOT provide a paper that is just a simple overview of what we learned throughout the semester without having proposed answers to existing problems. choose some solutions here or come up with your own: engage the community, grants to practice and improve cultural competency, partnership with SUNY, free tuition for all native students, mentors of color with students with color, target the youth, more public health programs in the native community, multilevel investment in many areas such as education and health, mental health support, incorporate native history in the curriculum, cultural revitalization, American Indian food cooperations, strength the justice system

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