The final assignment for this class will be a written paper concerning an entrep
The final assignment for this class will be a written paper concerning an entrepreneur that you have interviewed and related course insight. The paper must be formatted in the APA style. The paper must be no less than 10 pages in length not including a title page and a reference page. Your paper must include at least 5 references. Also, you must also ask the entrepreneur at least 10 questions with additional follow-up questions. After documenting each question response, you must reflect on the question and consider what is being said with insight. Further, you should support your insight on the response with referenced content based upon your research. After, documenting responses and insight, a final section should provide a summary of what you have learned from this interview and research experience. This assignment will be due on 7/7 EOD. The body of your paper should clearly identify different sections of your paper as follows: Introduction Question 1: xxxxxxxxxxxx etc Response Reflection and Analysis Question 2: xxxxxxxxx etc Response Reflection and Analysis …………… etc.. Summary Learnings Below is a list of 5 questions that I have already decided on for the final course assignment: What are some of the important outside resources that helped guide and aid you through the planning stages of owning a business? Describe the importance of networking. Did you work with a mentor? Why or why not? Do you handle all of the functional areas of business (Operations, Marketing, Management, HR, Finance, or Legal) or do you outsource these positions? Explain What are some cultural issues that might have an impact on a business that I should be thinking about or at least aware of?

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