The essay should follow MLA 8th or 9th edition, including the Works Cited. Selec
The essay should follow MLA 8th or 9th edition, including the Works Cited. Selected articles are "Selected Articles" doc. Please refer to the "ouutline" doc for annotated Please read the requirements in the "Content Introduction" carefully. Follow the grading requirements in "ENG1120GradingCommentSheet(3)". You must devise your own topic and formulate a thesis for the research essay. You must devise and support a specific argumentative thesis in response to the topic you decide on, and this thesis should be used to structure the essay as a whole. However, there are a number of requirements that should guide you in coming up with a topic and thesis. First, your essay must be scholarly and critical in approach. It cannot be a piece of creative writing, primarily personal self-expression, or a book review or “book report.” It must focus on at least one of the required readings for the course. It can, however, involve comparing/contrasting this with another text (see the first approach option below) that is not a required reading for this course. Second, your essay must relate back to the course’s general theme; it must consider, in some fashion, the role or representation of identity or identities provided by the primary text(s). APPROACHES Story Comparison/Contrast. Select two stories to analyze. While at least one of the stories must be a required reading for this course, the other need not be. Keeping in mind the narrative viewpoint, the structure, genre and style, and the historical context in which each was written, write an essay explaining key continuities and/or differences between how these stories represent, mediate or interrogate conceptions of identity/identities. Biographical/Historical Analysis. Select one of the required readings to use as the basis for your analysis. Do some research on the author’s biography, historical context and views on writing, politics, and other relevant concerns. Write an essay that demonstrates how some aspects of the selected story can be better understood in the context of this research. Your final essay must include an annotated works cited containing at least five entries, with max. 75 word annotations per entry. Unless you’ve changed your research/topic, you can use the annotated works cited from your second short assignment, but it should be carefully revised/edited and if you have changed your research sources, it must be updated to reflect this. - One of these must be the story (or stories) from the required readings for the course that you have decided to focus on - One must be an electronic reference work accessed through the uOttawa library databases portal (Oxford Reference or Handbooks, for example.) - One must be one of the course lectures, using the title on the first slide as the title and the course name/code as the container - One must be a peer-reviewed resource accessed through the library’s Omni catalogue - The other can be a source of your choice, including online resources such as an author websites, interviews, or book reviews (such resources may be especially useful if the story is fairly recent and has not been the subject of much scholarly attention.

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