– The essay question is ”Consider critically the difficulties of applying a leg
- The essay question is ''Consider critically the difficulties of applying a legal concept of harm in the metaverse.'' - The word limit is 2500 words including all footnotes. Bibliography is excluded from the word count. The word count cannot exceed or fall below 10% of the word limit i.e. the word count must be between 2250 and 2750 words. - The theme font is Arial with the size of 12 throughout the whole essay including bibliography. However, it should be used with the same font with the size of 10 in the footnote section. - The essay should: 1. Demonstrate a detailed and well developed understanding of the policies, debates and legal doctrines associated with case studies in emerging areas of data protection, information technology and cyber law. 2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of recent developments in areas of law studied, such as EU and UK data protection, e-privacy, Information Commissioner’s Office opinions and rulings, and international data protection regulations (e.g. EU, US, Commonwealth), cyber law and the internet of things. 3. Undertake an in-depth case study analysis of emerging issues in privacy, data protection, e-surveillance, cyber law. 4. Make sophisticated arguments in relation to the case studies undertaken in those areas. - All required and additional readings are provided in the file. The writer is free to take further research on the area of the question and incorporate them into the essay.

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