The definition of Theme is often abridged to “the main idea.” However, Theme is
The definition of Theme is often abridged to "the main idea." However, Theme is more involved than that. Essentially, a theme is the author's message--what the author wants to tell his/her readers about people in general. Themes can be supported by many of the story's components, particularly the characters' words, actions, and conflicts. Initial response: We have now come to the half way part of the course. You have all read and viewed a number of different types of literature. Considering what you now know about literature, how do you think the study of theme can relate to our daily lives? Select one of the works of literature from the first four units to support your answer. Also, make sure to analyze the theme of that story and to show the implications that work of literature may have on your daily life. Responses: How does your explanation of theme in everyday life differ from the other responses? What are some additional things about theme in everyday life that you think should be considered?

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