The Declaration of Independence is arguably one of the most important documents
The Declaration of Independence is arguably one of the most important documents ever written. It's principles have been copied by numerous other movements throughout history since it was first penned. The preamble of this document establishes many core values that are still treasured by American society and others even today. Those values are: The idea that all people are created equal That they are endowed with inalienable natural rights That those rights are protected by the natural law which creates a civil duty to defend those rights. In order to complete the essay assignment for this semester you will need to begin by reading the Declaration of Independence linked below. As you read consider some of these questions which might give you ideas on what you would like to prove with this document: What was Jefferson's aims when he wrote the preamble to the declaration? How does the declaration compare with the ideas of John Locke and his Two Treatise on Government? Can you see the effects by other enlightenment thinkers on the declaration? (i.e. Rousseau, Montesquieu, Hobbs) What does the document mean by "all men are created equal"? How does that follow how the founders actually acted? In what way do the list of grievances relate with the preamble? Declaration of Independence After considering the document, create an persuasive essay analyzing this primary source. How you formulate your argument is completely up to you. You can argue the content of the document itself, the context in which it was presented, the implications of the writing, or even the relevance of the document to the modern day. This is entirely up to you so long as you present an argument in the form of a thesis and then support that argument in the supporting paragraphs. Note: Be sure that you have an approved thesis statement from the thesis statement assignment before beginning on this writing of the essay. Essay: After you have carefully read the document, you will need to write an argumentative essay on the reading. The format for the essay is as follow: Introduction: Write an introductory paragraph that describes the argument you intend to make in your paper. This introduction will include a thesis statement stating what you intend to prove or argue in the body of your writing. The direction and flow of your paper is largely driven by the quality of thesis you present in your introduction so be sure that you have a clear and focused thesis. Body Paragraphs: Write supporting paragraphs that support the argument presented in your thesis. These supporting paragraphs should use the source document to support your position as well as any other outside sources you used in order to support your argument. There is no maximum to the number of supporting paragraphs that you can use to make your argument, but be sure to keep you paper focused on your argument and do not fill it with irrelevant material. Conclusion: Write a conclusion paragraph that re-frames your argument and sums up the overall essay. Paper Requirements: Must contain a clear thesis statement. It can use any additional sources, but must use the provided primary source and at least two other sources from the citation assignment as part of the writing. Minimum length is 1000 words not including citations. There is no maximum. It must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, with standard 1" page margins. It must be saved as either a .doc, .docx or a .pdf file format (If you are using an Apple, do not save it as a .pages file). All sources must be cited using the MLA format of citation and include a work cited page at the end of the document. It must be submitted though Turnitin in the Canvas portal.

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