The country I choose was Egypt. (You are welcome to choose another country to co
The country I choose was Egypt. (You are welcome to choose another country to compare a different government) The Analytical Essay for this class is intended to relate to the Country Selection you choose to research and write about for your final paper. As such, you can compare different governments to the country's regime that you choose to write your research paper on. However, the essay assignment is broader. You may view the essay assignment as an opportunity to jumpstart the paper and review literature related to their country selection and democratization. As noted previously, the analytical essay should be no fewer than four pages and no more than about six in length, double-spaced, in a 12-point font. The essay will relate to the country selection and research for your final paper and demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast varying systems of government as provided in the course materials. The essay is not meant to be an opinion piece but should be professional, scholarly, and written in the third person. Use APA-style and in-text citations to the readings throughout the essay to demonstrate comprehension and assimilation of the course materials. Finally, this assignment can be seen as an initial exploration and review of the literature on your chosen country and the topic of democratization. It may include concepts and other ideas from the course content area and suggested readings from your professor or ones you have identified on your own. There is no requirement regarding the number of sources you use for the essay. Just cite the sources that support your essay, which can be focused exclusively or largely on the College Board Briefing Paper if you wish. !!!PLEASE READ ALL FILES!!!

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