The company is Aphria Inc. The outcome of the project is expected to be evidence
The company is Aphria Inc. The outcome of the project is expected to be evidence-based recommendations that address the organization's (Aphria Inc) identified issues. Issues that must be addressed include the major functional areas of a business, an industry analysis, trends in the competitive environment, and factors that will lead to success in a competitive marketplace. Other items that may be considered include strategic investments that have been made or will be made, human and financial resource allocation decisions, governance issues, and globalization concerns. The process requires an analysis and evaluation of internal conditions and external data and factors that affect the organization. This implies that the major functional areas of a business must be analyzed. These areas include human resources, marketing, accounting, finance, and operations management. First, analyze the company (Aphria Inc) and the environment the company operates within. Second, in light of the above analysis, discuss the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the functional areas. The designation of strength or weakness is simply of describing your conclusion after analyzing the internal functional areas of the firm that is under management control. Third, discuss the opportunities available to and the threats that challenge the organization. The designation of opportunity or threat is the way you describe your conclusion about the industry environment after analyzing the external factors that are uncontrollable by the management of the firm. The external analysis can also include a Porter’s 5 forces analysis to get an appreciation of industry profitability. If the factor analysis reveals that competitive forces are minimal then you have an attractive industry. Less competition = greater profitability. Fourth, summarize the major points from this analysis, and develop plans in each of the areas that will allow the organization to successfully operate in the future. A situational analysis helps an organization understand their internal capabilities and deficiencies, and their external opportunities and threats. Based on this knowledge, plans are developed that result in the organization achieving their goals by aligning the organization with its environment. This work will need the development of an action plan, in each of the functional areas, that builds on the strengths, alleviates the weaknesses, takes advantage of the opportunities, and minimizes the threats using tactics that can be implemented over the upcoming 12 to 18 months. The focus of this report is on shorter term tactical issues rather than the major strategic ones. Also remember that a suggested action in one functional area likely impacts other functional areas. Recognize potential impacts and conflicts among functional areas, and ensure the recommendations are realistic.

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