The assigned city is Las Vegas, Nevada Assigned Paper for S&G You will be ass
The assigned city is Las Vegas, Nevada Assigned Paper for S&G You will be assigned one medium length paper. The assigned paper must be typed and at least 2000 words, (roughly 8 pages, double-spaced, Time New Roman, 12pt font) not including your Works Cited page. Since this is a Gordon Rule writing course, papers that do not meet the minimum word count will not be accepted and will received a grade of 0. Make sure to send it as a Word document, for the purposes of grading and providing comments/feedback. There will be a 5-point deduction for every day the paper is late. The paper will be due on Friday, July 22nd. For the courses writing assignment, I would like you to take a deep dive on discuss issues facing a major metropolitan city, through the lens of what we learn in Chapters 11 and 12: 1. Provide a statistical profile of your city/metropolitan area. What are the major demographic statistics of your city? (Population, Socioeconomic breakdown, Education, etc. – as outlined in Discussion Post #4). How does this profile compare to the rest of the state and the nation as a whole? 2. What type of municipal government system is your city run by? (Chapter 11) Discuss how this differs from other types of municipal government systems. Provide information on the specifics of your cities municipal government system. 3. Discuss the relationship between your major city’s government and that of the state government. Is it generally cooperative or have there been areas of contention? Detail what those are. How much autonomy does the city have in conducting its business of running a city? 4. What are some of the specific issues your city facing in particular? (Chapter 12) And what is being done to help solve these issues? Make sure to bring in and discuss concepts that we have talked about in class and from the textbook whenever applicable. It will also be of great importance to do independent research; include any necessary in-text citations and cite all your sources in a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.

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