The Annotated Bibliography should include both citations (APA style) and annotat
The Annotated Bibliography should include both citations (APA style) and annotations for sources you’ve referenced within the body of your essay about ANCC Magnet Hospitals. Choose 2 sources that you used on your Persuasive Essay on ANCC Magnet Hospitals. These will be the sources you analyze for the Annotated Bibliography. USING these sources: Curto, C. (2021). Celebrating Magnet® Nursing Excellence: Meet the Recipients of the 2020 National Magnet Nurse of the Year® Awards and ANCC Magnet Prize®. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 51(11), p.533-536. Retrieved from, White, L. (2018). The value of ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program [R]: A CNO's perspective: Reap the benefits of retention, innovation, and a safe workplace. American Nurse Today, 13(9), p.36-38. Retrieved from,
The value of ANCC’s Magnet Recognition Program®: A CNO’s perspective
Hill, K. (2011). Magnet Environments: Supporting the Retention and Satisfaction of Nurses, an issue of Nursing Clinics – E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences. First, you provide the reference in APA format just like it would appear on a reference page. Second, provide a summary of the information within the source. Be concise and keep it to 3-4 sentences. Third, analyze the credibility of the source. You can use the CRAAP method to help you evaluate the sources. This section should be 5-6 sentences. Currency: When was the information published or posted? Has the information been revised or updated? Is the information current or out of date? Relevance: Does the information relate to your topic or answer your questions? Who is the intended audience? Is the information written for that audience? Authority: Who is the author? What are the author’s qualifications? Accuracy: Where does the information come from? Is it supported by evidence? Can you verify the information in another source? Does the language seem unbiased? Are there any typos, spelling, or grammar errors? Purpose: What is the purpose of the information: to inform, persuade, teach, entertain? Is the information fact or opinion? Is the point-of-view objective? Fourth, discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text for your research. Consider how you used the source within your essay. Include a direct quote from the source that you found helpful. Remember to cite it. Your paper should be: 1-2 pages 12pt, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins

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