The Affordable Care Act, also known as the Obama care, was introduced to America
The Affordable Care Act, also known as the Obama care, was introduced to American citizens in 2010 by Former President Obama. One of the significant changes that the Affordable care act had was to increase the insurance cover of over twenty million Americans by ensuring that the low-income earning employees could afford the cost of insurance (President et al., 2021). The Affordable care act took care of patients discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions. Before the policy was placed into action, insurance coverage institutions would turn away any client with pre-existing conditions. However, for elderly patients, one in two elderly patients tend to have a pre-existing condition, and as a result, the majority would be denied insurance coverage (Andrews et al., 2019). After the ACA, more protections were added to ensure that medical health benefits were specified to ensure that insurance companies would not exclude some of the essential factors required by the patient. The act also banned the insurance coverage companies from placing annual and lifetime limits on the benefits specified in the insurance cover. References Andrews, C. M., Grogan, C. M., Smith, B. T., Abraham, A. J., Pollack, H. A., Humphreys, K., ... & Friedmann, P. D. (2018). Medicaid benefits for addiction treatment expanded after implementing the Affordable Care Act. Health Affairs, 37(8), 1216-1222. President, J. C. V., Cusick, J., President, V., Hananel Director, S., Hananel, S., Director, Adviser, C. S. S., Seeberger, C., Adviser, S., Manager, L. O. S., Oduyeru, L., Manager, S., Gordon Director, P., Gordon, P., Shepherd Director, M., Shepherd, M., Director, J. P. S., Parshall, J., Director, S., … Martinez, J. (2021, November 2). Ten ways the ACA has improved health care in the past decade. Center for American Progress. TURNITIN

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