The 3 page requirment does not include cover page!!!! The screenshots attached a
The 3 page requirment does not include cover page!!!! The screenshots attached are the text book that is required to be used in the paper. for citing purposes this is the author and name of the book: Violence and the enduring problem 4th edition by Alex Alveraz and Ronet Bachman. All the attached documents MUST be used in paper. Instructions: Is rape on college campuses exaggerated by feminist researchers and victim advocates? The essay should clearly state your position on this issue at the onset (i.e., your thesis statement), and use evidence and reasoning to defend it throughout. You must cite (a) the course textbook; (b) the chapter by Gilbert, “Advocacy research overstates the incidence of date and acquaintance rape”; and (c) the chapter by Cook and Koss, “More data have accumulated supporting date and acquaintance rape as significant problems for women.” (You may use additional sources from the course, but only in addition to these three readings.) Make sure that, rather than avoiding discussion of the reasoning and evidence used by scholars to support the opposing position to yours on this issue, you instead identify the limitations or flaws in their reasoning and evidence, and explain why the argument you propose, and the evidence you use to back it up, is more compelling. Where appropriate, make sure you incorporate a thorough discussion of the theories or concepts discussed in class and in course readings. You should include some discussion of the risk factors associated with rape; the common characteristics of offenders; why the crime is so prevalent; and what (if anything) needs to be done differently in American society to address this social problem.

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