Test Report #2 Directions: -Complete the attached case study assignment and subm
Test Report #2 Directions: -Complete the attached case study assignment and submit your report. -A copy of the report template has been attached to this order and is to be used to complete your analysis (FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE EXACTLY WHEN APPLICABLE). Additional Guidance: -BE SURE to review the (attached) case description and MMPI-2 profile, then develop interpretive hypotheses for the case study - about an appropriate diagnosis or diagnoses. -Please BE SURE to create a client timeline and diagnostic mapping for the case study! -You will need the (attached) General Considerations document to interpret all major Validity scales as well as Clinical scales (≥T-60 or ˂T-40). -The Nichols book should be used to interpret the Content Component scales/subscales, PSY-5 scales, and Supplemental scales! -Please include your marked up case description, client timeline, interpretation notes on relevant scales/subscales, and final diagnosis' with your final submission. -Ensure you are conducting a FULL assessment - including constructing a report that summarizes the results for Stephen P. -Attached are directions, the case description, and the client profile. As well as a sample report template (THAT IS TO BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY). -ONCE AGAIN your narrative report, including the client timeline and diagnostic mapping, must be submitted with your final submission! Additional Guidance from the Professor: "-Rule out while diagnostic mapping! Focus on recurring patterns. -Be sure to include the DSM-5 Code(s) with your final Diagnosis(s) -Have a DETAILED treatment recommendations in order to recieve FULL CREDIT for this part of the assignment! -Discuss EVERY Validity Scales! and ALL THE OTHER SCALES (≥T-60 or ˂T-40)." A few suggestions regarding approaching the interpretative process: -When completing profile interpretations, make a note of the client's age as well as the test location. "Age" will allow you to estimate when the symptoms began and how long they have been present. -The test location will influence how you interpret certain scales scores, as noted in the General Considerations (e.g., there are varying score interpretations for clinical vs non-clinical settings). -You may want to flag the following pages in the Nichols textbook so it's easier to get the scale interpretations: *Validity Scale interpretations - start on Pg. 48 *Clinical Scale interpretations - start on Pg. 95 *Content Component Scale interpretations - start on Pg. 208 *Supplemental Scale interpretations - start on Pg. 240 -Additonally, I have included serveral files in the file section of this order to not only be used to successfully and correctly complete the order - but to be used as resources throughout working on this order... Textbook: Essentials of MMPI-2 Assessment, 2nd Edition David S. Nichols, Alan S. Kaufman (Editor) ISBN: 978-0-470-92323-8 **BE SURE to view and follow the (attached) "Test Report #2 Assignment (Stephen P.).pdf" file for detailed instructions and important information relative to the order...**

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