Term Project

Assignment: Select a disease process that we have covered in class. Create a discharge teaching plan for a patient recently diagnosed with the selected disease.

Project should include:

· Patient profile with patient demographics and storyline (appropriate risk factors).

· Complaints and presenting symptoms

· Nursing assessment

· Expected procedures and lab tests to be ordered to confirm the diagnosis. Include an explanation of how the procedures, medications, or tests will confirm/support the patient’s diagnosis.

· Pathophysiology: Explanation of what the confirmed diagnosis is how the patient ended up with this diagnosis (risk factors, health history, etc.)

· Treatment of disease: Medications,5 interventions, diet, procedures, follow up visits, interdisciplinary team, etc. Include rationale for each treatment that you list.

· References: At least two references for the project in APA format


· Presentation: completed in a professional and organized manner (15 pts)

· Creativity: Demonstrates creativity in the design of presentation. The presentation is engaging and visually appealing. (10 pts)

· Patient objectives: learning points for the patient and what the patient needs to monitor for in relation to the diagnosis. (25 pts)

· Teaching Focus: Includes topic: disease process, risk factors and medications (25 pts)

· Resources: Did student list who should be involved in the patient care, how interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration promoted patient care and affect the outcome of care? (20 pts)

· References: Utilizes APA format (5 pts)

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