Term Paper/Project: The rubric for this paper/project is not broken down into th
Term Paper/Project: The rubric for this paper/project is not broken down into the “points” for each sub-component. You expected to complete ALL of the requirements with the goal of earning a perfect score on this project! Due dates for paper topic and outline, the paper, and the revised version of the paper are stated on the syllabus. The outline consists of your three sources or your three subtopics for analysis. A minimum of 5 full pages of writing, double spaced, 12 font, one-inch margins, will be the required format for this writing. The papers must include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, two suggested areas of further research in the conclusion, and a bibliography with at least three sources. The cover page (that contains a 3-4 sentence abstract of the paper) and the bibliography do not count in the total of your 5 pages of writing. SUBMIT A HARD “PAPER” COPY, NOT EMAILED. Citation Each source in the bibliography must include: Human Author; Title; Publisher or Web Address; Year; and the specific Page Numbers that you referenced. We are not using MLA, APA, or even Chicago formatting style! Graphs and diagrams are optional. Any idea/statement/fact that you directly quote or paraphrase must be cited as follows: (Human Author, pg. #). We will go over these paper requirements during a lecture...don’t miss any lectures! The paper will be about 2 calculating tools used in Operations Management 3000. You can only use calculating tools related to that class.

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