Teams will play the role of marketing consultants and will address a live challe
Teams will play the role of marketing consultants and will address a live challenge which will be presented to them by a particular company. They will receive a detailed description of the challenge from the company. See few files below: • (Links to an external site.) • (Links to an external site.) In this assignment, teams need to demonstrate understanding of the firm’s business and its industry, as well as knowledge of marketing concepts and tools. Additionally, they must present an analysis of the firm’s immediate challenges or opportunities, and recommend a framework and specific proposals for action. Be specific in your analysis and recommendations. Provide actual examples of business practices. Set context for your analysis. The assignment has 2 deliverables: written report, presentation. Ad 1. The written report should be a well-developed and edited 2500-3000 word text (no less than 2500, no more than 3000), using 1.0 vertical line-spacing, in Word format with 12 Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. Please see the template for more editorial requirements: Template_Report_Final_project_PoM_sum2022.docx Download Template_Report_Final_project_PoM_sum2022.docx Ad 2. Teams will record their presentation as a video and submit it along with the report. Every team member must have an active part in the presentation and must demonstrate full knowledge of the team’s work and contribute to the final outcome equally. Be mindful of the time limit - 8 minutes for a presentation (no less than 7, no more than 8 minutes). The pitch might be accompanied by showing slides - remember to be visual. Then instructor will screen reports and videos and select teams to face the client. The live presentation in front of the client/jury serves as an opportunity for a team to share their analysis and final recommendations, receive valuable feedback and get recognition. The live presentation is based on the pre-recorded one. An 8-minute live presentation will be followed by 5 minutes of Q/A. Please see instructional video how to record a video presentation in Zoom here:Link (Links to an external site.) You will only get the full number of points for the assignment if you complete ALL deliverables. If you are selected to present live, you must be present for it as your grade will factor in both, the recording and live presentation. It is enough if one team member submits all files on behalf of the team.

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