Task: Choose one of the Poetry Selectio ns from this Unit – you can certainly ch
Task: Choose one of the Poetry Selectio ns from this Unit - you can certainly choose a poem you have already posted about in one of the Unit 2 forums, but you don't have to. Be sure to consider what you learned from Unit 2.1 Discussion - Poem Hypertexts and Semiotics and Unit 2.2: Authentic Assessment: Poetry Reading and Response Video when making this decision. You will closely read (and reread) your chosen poem, considering its structural elements, patterns of figurative language, and other literary elements. Bear in mind that, much as we discovered about ads in the advertisement analysis forum, poems are carefully and purposefully crafted--consider that every choice in terms of structure, rhyme (or lack thereof), wording, and tone are deliberate and work to leave an intentional impression on the reader. Use the pages Starting Your Poetry Analysis Paper and the MEAL Planoutline to help you plan your paper. Include the following elements: Introductory paragraph that ends with a sentence that explains what you want to say overall about the poem. Ideally, this thesis should focus on the "how" and "why" of the effect of some of these choices. Body paragraphs that focus on specific ideas and elements from the poem that provide evidence and support for your overall idea about the poem. Include relevant, brief quotations from the poem, integrate them logically and grammatically, and indicate the line numbers in parentheses. A concluding paragraph that sums up what these ideas all add up to. Carefully read the example pages that use Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" as an example for explication (Close Reading, Sample Analysis and Key Elements). Be sure to maintain an appropriate academic tone (no slang, second-person ["you," "we"], contractions, etc.)

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