Substance Use SBIRT: Planning the Presentation Instructions (Links to an externa
Substance Use SBIRT: Planning the Presentation Instructions (Links to an external site.) View the Direct Care Project Part 2 Tutorial (Links to an external site.) . Download the template below and create a PowerPoint presentation for your selected group. Create speaker notes for the PowerPoint presentation. These will assist you as you present and will be part of your assignment submission. Utilize your own words and paraphrasing for all presentation content. The presentation should be no fewer than 8 and no more than 15 slides. This does not include the introduction and reference slides. Submit presentation in PDF for instructor approval. See Submitting PowerPoint Notes Pages in PDF format (Links to an external site.) . You will present the PowerPoint to your audience, not the PDF, as you do not want the speaker notes to show to your audience members. Note: You may not present until your presentation has been approved by your instructor. Review comments about your presentation from your instructor in Grades. Please see the Viewing Feedback on Assignments job aid in Resources. Your instructor will indicate what (if any) revisions are needed in your presentation and if it is approved to present as-is or once revisions are made. **You may be instructed to resubmit depending on the revisions needed. After your presentation is approved, see Week 5: Direct Care Project Part 3: Implementing Your Presentation. This is where you will find: Attendance form Pre-survey Post-survey ***The surveys you will give your audience pre and post presentation are already developed. You will submit the attendance form with the Part 4 submission and utilize the survey data in the Part 4 assignment. *** Templates and Links Click on the links below to download and view the resources for your project. PowerPoint Presentation Template SBIRT (Links to an external site.) (website) Microsoft PPT training (Links to an external site.) (website) This assignment is connected to the prev. assignment order you completed

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