Submit an “Annotated Bibliography” using at least 15 sources. The sources must
Submit an "Annotated Bibliography" using at least 15 sources. The sources must be related to your research topic and should be some of the same ones you will use to compile your research. You should have a variety of types of sources: books, scholarly articles, etc. Your bibliography will be graded based on the criteria in the rubric. An example of an Annotated Bibliography has been provided for you. Please fashion your submission according the the APA style example given. Please view the video below for further information on and Annotated Bibliography. Add these questions: What resources are required for coronavirus when schools open amid the covid-19 pandemic? What policies should the school follow to run the services well even with a covid-19 pandemic? What activities will the school consider while reopening schools. What should parents do if their children become Ill to stop other children from getting covid at school?

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