Submit a written response that addresses the following: • Explain how you solve
Submit a written response that addresses the following: • Explain how you solved The Parking Lot Problem. Include an explanation of the problem-solving strategies you used, your mathematical thinking and reasoning, the drawing you created to support your explanation, any estimation strategies you may have employed, and how you incorporated one or more Standards for Mathematical Practice during the problem solving process. • Summarize the learning experience you developed for students. Indicate the grade level of focus and describe how the cognitively demanding mathematical task could be used to help students learn how to estimate measurements and convert measurements from one unit to another in the context of a real-world problem. Also explain how you will highlight to your students the importance of the unit as an integral part of measurement in representation and calculations. NOTE IMPORTANT: The assignment should be written where you are teaching middle schools students the concept. Please read the instructions very carefully before you begin the assignment. Clearly understanding the problem is critical to solving it correctly. Your Assignment paper must include calculations as well as full worded explanations justifying that your parking lot design will fit into the allotted space. Discussion of these calculations is required in the body (text) of the paper, to to support your explanations for how you worked the problem and why you worked it as you did. You must provide the dimensions of the parking lanes and the driving lanes and not just the area occupied and unoccupied by the parking spaces and driving lanes to justify that your design will meet the requirements. You are not required to use the current design in any way except for the dimensions of the parking lot and the dimensions of the parking spaces, and you have full leeway to completely redesign the interior of the 40yd x 50yd parking lot to meet the requirements of the assignment. I strongly encourage you to NOT try to edit the original design, as most of the time, if this is done, the designs do not fulfill the assignment requirements. The best thing you can do is to draw a diagram that is 40yd by 50yd, and recognize that the parking spaces must be rectangularly shaped at 9ftx18ft with 4in lines separating any two spaces including nose to nose spaces. With this information, you can start your parking lot design anew, without using the original design as a base for your new design. Another issue is understanding what the problem is asking you to do. You are asked to determine whether an additional 15 parking spaces can be added to the 40yd x 50yd parking lot. This can be thought about in numerous ways and an answer determined in numerous ways. Please be aware, however, that trying one design that doesn't work and reporting in your paper that the objective cannot be met because your one design didn't work does not fulfill the requirements of the paper. You are not asked to determine whether one design you may come up with will work. You are asked to determine whether 15 additional parking spaces can be added. If you try one design and it doesn't work, you must determine whether other designs are possible that may work. Until you have exhausted all possible designs to determine whether any of them will work, or you have provided a valid mathematical argument for why the additional 15 spaces cannot be added, you have not completed that part of the assignment. Regardless of whether you try several designs or try to present a valid mathematical argument to make your point, a diagram with your suggested parking lot design MUST be included in an appendix of your paper. In short, you must fully explain how the expanded design will or will not fit into the allotted space. In addition, you must stay within one to two pages of the maximum suggested page limit given in the instructions. Only the text (body) of the paper is included in this page limit. Title page, Reference page and Appendices are not included in the suggested page length. Papers longer than the suggested page length will have points deducted for excessive length, as too much over the maximum suggested page limit will indicate wordy, and inconcise writing. Please note that you MUST include a diagram of the parking lot showing what your design looks like. You may also include calculations in a diagram, but your calculations should not be included as a scan of your scratch paper with calculations spread all over the page in an unorganized manner. All calculations included in a picture should be neatly organized and explained.

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