Students will develop mock-ups of assets that might be used in their communicati
Students will develop mock-ups of assets that might be used in their communication campaigns. Students should build out at least five assets, each for a different audience or a different message from their campaign. Remember, social media does not equal a communications campaign. Examples of communications campaign assets may include billboards, magazine articles, wearables, billboards, blogs, infographics, a SERIES of social media posts (minimum 10), radio PSA, videos, posters, e-newsletter articles, web landing pages, etc. Think about your target audience and how to best reach that audience. These assets must be tested through peer review that you sought out from at least two of your classmates. The feedback must be incorporated into the final version. Students will submit their original versions, the final revised version, and a reflection on how they incorporated the feedback they received. Students must track how much time it takes them to create these assets to be used in a later assignment. Also, you need to use at least 2 images from CDC's image library in your assets. CDC’s Public Health Image Library, Topic: Promoting vaccinations among children Target Audience: Primary: Vaccine-hesitant parents 1. Parents with children ages 0-5, who have concerns about the safety of vaccines, but are not adamantly, decided against vaccinating their child Secondary: Core influencers of vaccine-hesitant parents 1. Parents who vaccinated their children 2. Healthcare Providers 3. Pediatricians 4. Media 5. Policy makers

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