Students will conduct research on and write an analysis concerning a particular
Students will conduct research on and write an analysis concerning a particular case of health policymaking. This can involve policymaking at any level (international, national, state and/or local). It can, but does not have to, cover a case of policymaking in which the student has been personally involved. The analysis must follow and apply the general outline of the policy process as set forth in the Longest text to the selected case. The analysis should describe and explain the interaction of significant policy suppliers and demanders in the policy marketplace. It should also describe and explain significant aspects of the policymaking process from inputs to outcomes. However, the case study does not have to explain the interaction of all policy suppliers and demanders, or cover the entire policymaking cycle, particularly if it is “policymaking in progress”. The text of the case study should follow the following general outline, though it can be amended after consultation with and approval of the instructor: TOPIC: TOBACCO CONTROL ACT OF 2009 Introduction to the case, including a definition of what the study covers, and a description of the general environment in which the selected policymaking is taking place A description and analysis of the case, including specific aspects of the policy marketplace involvement of suppliers and demanders, as seen through the applicable stages of the policy process (what has happened, involving which groups and individuals, and why) A summary, in which the student provides a personal assessment of the general efficiency, effectiveness and revealed moral values/ethics of the policy process The case study should be approximately 8-10 text pages in length, plus appropriate appendices and a reference section using APA format. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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