Hello staff, I need you to do a SOP document of your position. Write down the process of your job duties. Make sure it is very detailed. Include how do you deliver the job, contact person, phone numbers, emails and explain steps A to Z. Also include due dates on any report if applicable. You may do this on the days that you are working remotely. Try to have this done by 9/26/2022. Please let me know if you have any questions. Daily Tasks Nicolas to process Morning Papers, and any emails that are sent to me copying him , also the Appeals and checking the mail box. Writ Count- go through calendar and bucket in mornings to keep the Writ Count up to date and also keep up with any Writ that goes upstairs return Writ or when we receive Writs from Dispo Nulla Bonas- I typically am the one who does the Nulla Bonas unless someone is training on the Papers/Writs when the papers are picked up and drop them off in Superior Court Sanitation List- I usually look through my email throughout the day and add any Sanitation emails from the deputies throughout the day and send them out at the end of the day around 4:00pm Phone Calls- I seem to get a lot of the phone calls not just because I talk to the customers a lot but because I tend to get a high call volume! Scheduling- Usually Mrs. Ruby and I schedule the Plaintiff Labor and Dolores and Dawn schedule the Companies on the Schedule Board. Mail- I usually notify the Deputies once Mrs. Ruby or Ms. Dolores receive the return papers from the deputies and finish the mail I send out whoever is assigned to the mail for that day Dropbox Mail- I usually check the mailbox downstairs to see if the Marshals office has received any mail in the office usually most of it contains paperwork for the Civil office for filings/money order Packages/Ups- I try to pick up anything that is dropped off at the window especially big packages so that Mrs. Ruby doesn’t have to Case Search Document Tracker Odyssey- Go through the new papers we receive mainly the Writs to see if the addresses are correct and match the warrant. Make sure they are in the GIS system. Nicolas Hinton-Smith

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