So for this paper I had to break it up into 5 parts so My professor had us answe
So for this paper I had to break it up into 5 parts so My professor had us answer questions into 5 parts and combined them into one essay I will share with you all the questions and the answers. This is just for you to combine the whole essay into one. My Professor stated this so keep it in mind of what his idea for the project: The questions posted during the course of the semester encourage students to observe their internship environments, look for opportunities for improvement, construct a plan for improvement, and describe how they would implement this plan. I will attach the answers to each of these questions just want you to elaborate more based off my idea. Here is a little information about my two internships: OnE OF THEM is about Distributing Covid vaccines and the other is a receptionist working at NY Orthopedic. Question 1: To start building your final project, please identify three processes at your site that enhance patient care, health care delivery, or health care management. These can be policies, daily routines, even informal things that you find happening at your site that improves patient care. Question 2: Of the processes described in your prior assignment, select one and elaborate on what need caused it to develop. Does this process effectively enhance health care delivery at your site? Question 3: Focusing on the one process you isolated in the last part of the final project, how could the process described be improved? How would you attempt to change policy? Question 4: Based on your previous answer, describe how you would educate others in the health care environment on the policy change you would like to make? Question 5: identify cultural and practical barriers to implementing your plan?

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