Skim through the three links below to gain some background information on the ta
Skim through the three links below to gain some background information on the taboo of drawing or depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the incident of a "draw Muhammad cartoon contest" in Texas, and the new Free Speech law in Arizona which passed last year. Then answer the question prompts fully by choosing a position and defending it thoughtfully and tactfully. Remember - this is a contentious topic and you are to be respectful. You may also choose to play "devil's advocate" by trying to defend a position with which you don't actually personally agree. Taboo and Restrictions on Depicting the Prophet Muhammad: -Begin thinking about why subsequent generations were uncomfortable depicting Muhammad, in contrast to other religious figures in the Abrahamic line, such as Moses or Jesus Free Speech and Depicting the Prophet in America and Europe: -Begin thinking about the legal protections of free speech and expression in contrast to the religious sensibilities of Muslims and the violence that can be caused when people are religiously offended Arizona's law protecting Free Speech and Expression on University Campuses: -Begin thinking about the benefits and consequences of this law on our own campus at ASU Question prompts: Let's say hypothetically that there is an ASU student group called "Students for First Amendment" or SFA who want to bring the organizers of the Texas "Draw Muhammad" contest, Pamela Geller and the AFDI to ASU. They apply to the University to get the space so that they can begin publicizing the event under the new Arizona free speech law and its guidelines. A local Islamic group hears about the event and demands that ASU reject the application. If you are the President of the University, what would you do: Position 1) Hold the event, in support of free speech, even though it might mean demonstrations and security threats. Position 2) Censor the event, in support of religious sensitivities, even though it might mean a lawsuit from the "Students for First Amendment" (SFA) Explain your position thoroughly, including your reasoning and the impact on both groups and the larger ASU and Arizona community. Don't forget to illustrate your familiarity with the chapter, and consider how the general idea of pluralism plays into this issue.

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