For this assignment, first perform a thorough Five Forces analysis of the cellular telephone industry. The focus of your Five Forces analysis is the physical product of cell phones rather than cellular service providers (such as AT&T, Verizon, etc.), although you may want to include discussion of these carriers if you deem such information pertinent to your response. Your analysis must specifically address each force individually by discussing the potential impact that the force might have on a firm that is considering entry into the present-day cell phone industry (50 points). Cell phone manufacturers continue to innovate, offering new and exciting features such as foldable screens. Following your Five Forces analysis of the cell phone industry as it stands today, think of an innovation other than folding screens a) that has recently been introduced, b) that is on the horizon, or c) that you have envisioned; briefly describe this innovation and provide five grounded strategic projections, one tied to each of the Five Forces, that consider how the selected innovation might affect the cell phone industry. Clearly explain why each projection is relevant to the particular force, and support each of your five unique projections with well-reasoned justification (50 points). Please read the attached document and thoroughly respond to the prompt in continuous prose form (i.e. paragraphs, not bullet points, notes, etc.). Remember to proofread, check your spelling, and use proper grammar. Your writing should be formal in nature, which means no slang or contractions, all verbs and their subjects must agree, and the text must adhere to all grammar rules. Poor execution will definitely negatively impact your assignment grade (see Student Writing Handout). Your work should reflect your knowledge (including research) of the weekly topic, meaning that it will be both thorough and comprehensive. Skimpy responses are not acceptable. Your response must be, at minimum, 600 words in length. You must format your submission using single-spacing and 12-point Times New Roman font throughout, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Your full name, the section number (CRN), and the assignment number must appear in the header of every page of your submission. The instructions are set out in this manner, because employers value individuals who possess the ability to closely adhere to stated task parameters, which includes following directives such as these. By the designated deadline, upload your submission as a Word document (.doc or .docx)

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