Shandur Polo Festival
This project/paper incorporates the core concepts learned in this course and demonstrates an understanding of Sports Event Management. Over the course of these eight weeks you must select a sport event to attend and provide a critical assessment of the event. You must have your event approved by the end of the fourth week of the course. Your write-up of this assignment should be 8-12 pages in length, not including the title or reference page and follow the criteria below. The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to visit a sporting event and evaluate the key elements comprising the sport experience based on information from the text and course. Your task is to apply course-related material to a real-world sport event. For this assignment, you are to attend a sporting event and perform an assessment of that event. By analyzing the event you should heighten your understanding of consumers' reactions to the event and understand how to better manage an event that meets customers' and sponsors' needs. Name of event, date, location, and other descriiptive information (e.g., website address, scanned ticket stub, flyer, other pertinent information that you see fit). Briefly describe the event and the organization responsible for hosting the event. You should provide a background and historical perspective of the event and venue. Conduct a detailed SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for the following: The organization that put on the event. The event itself. Describe some of the various stakeholders and their influence on the event. Explain if there are short term benefits and long term legacies developed by this event. Describe some of the sponsors of the event and their relationships to the event, community, organizers, etc. While at the event, observe both the spectators and the event staff. What does the organization do well? What do they do poorly? How effectively did the organization meet customers' needs? Do they offer what customers want? Are there ways in which the services could be managed or performed more effectively? Report your key observations. Interview at least three customers/spectators and make note of the demographic characteristics of the people you interview (sex, race, age, etc.). You may not interview people with whom you attended the event. Try to find out what influences a person's decision to attend the event. What really attracts customers to this event and how are they attracted to the event? Try to find out what influences customers' overall experiences at the event. What aspects of the event do customers find most/least appealing? What aspects of the event most influence customers' satisfaction? Based on your observations and interviews, make some recommendations that seem appropriate for improving the overall event experience. What will keep customers and sponsors satisfied? What will it take to bring them back and encourage others? Base your recommendations on what is in the text and what you found through your interviews and your observations. If you were to do a post-event evaluation, which method would you use and why? Tips: • Decide early on which event you will select. • Do the assignment from a manager's perspective rather than a fan's perspective. • Summarize your impressions by placing emphasis on the evaluation rather than mere descriiptions. • Be sure to tie your evaluations to the things that we have learned in class. •

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