Select a current health policy (policy, law, regulation, etc.) that is impacting
Select a current health policy (policy, law, regulation, etc.) that is impacting your community. For the Unit 4 Assignment, create an informational brochure that addresses the following: Provide an overview of the health policy. List at least three requirements the public should be aware of. Describe why the health policy was enacted. Provide at least three statistics regarding the need for the policy. These can include how the policy has improved population health since it was enacted. Discuss who the policy impacts. What are the penalties for not complying? Write a professional statement to those who may oppose the health policy. Include a discussion of why the health policy is ethical. Requirements Your submission is composed in a Microsoft® Word® document. You may use a Microsoft Word brochure template to add graphics and pictures. To meet the objective requirements, your response is at least 500 words in length. Your submission includes specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements to demonstrate mastery of the objective. Your submission includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose. Your response is in Standard English and demonstrates superior organization. Your communication is highly ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your submission displays exceptional content, organization, style, and mechanics. A separate page at the end of your response contains a list of references. Your submission includes in-text citations where appropriate and references for all sources used, following proper APA citation style. Please review the APA formatting and citation style in Academic Tools - Academic Writer.

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