See attached. In your essay response, please be as detailed as you possibly can.
See attached. In your essay response, please be as detailed as you possibly can. If you propose a particular marketing-related action, articulate the marketing principle behind your proposal, then list the specific steps that should take place in that action as best you can. Your response will be judged by the amount of relevant and accurate detail you provide. You were just made the Chief Marketing Officer over the Marketing Department for your company, Fresh Break, which is focused on providing food and other related items to students and employees at Loyola University Chicago. Fresh Break currently offers a Panini sandwich called the Italiano, made with pastrami, salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, and sun-dried tomato paste on a grilled ciabatta roll. People who try the Italiano love it. In addition to this one sandwich, you also offer bagged chips, canned sodas, and chocolate chip cookies. You just finished your 3rd week of operations and are preparing over the weekend to start your 4th week with you in charge of the marketing. The following table represents your performance to date: Total sales to date: $3,705.00 Average daily sales: $247.00 Total profit: $296.40 Average daily profit: $19.76 Sales target for semester: $14,000.00 Increase in average daily sales needed to hit semester sales goal: $115.40 Profit target for semester: $2,800.00 Increase in average daily profit needed to get semester profit goal: $76.43 As you can see in the data represented above, Fresh Break is falling short of both their sales and profit goals for the semester, and your company needs to take action to turn things around. Market research from the first rotation showed a current customer profile of 75% male and 25% female. Your average guest check is $4.78. Awareness of Fresh Break was 37% in week 4. Please provide a marketing plan that would have the greatest chance of turning around your company’s poor performance in the next 6 weeks. Your plan should include a minimum of four specific initiatives or elements that you would recommend. More would be better. Make sure to go into specific detail with each of your proposed initiatives – a general idea, without specific details, will not be counted as an initiative and will affect your score on this assignment. Your finished essay would likely take at least one full page, single spaced, probably longer, to capture the level of detail that is expected. You have $400 remaining in your marketing budget.

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