SECTION ONE Assigned chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 In this section, you are asked to prov
SECTION ONE Assigned chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 In this section, you are asked to provide a brief summary of the chapter readings and a minimum of 4 case briefs (see below for a listing of the assigned chapters and case briefings). Along with a summary, discuss your thoughts about the assigned readings. On what areas do you agree/disagree and what have you learned through the readings? This section should be at least six paragraphs in length, or an average of three paragraphs per chapter. When you write the case briefs, be sure to follow the format for preparing briefs as specified in our text. I would suggest using this format with one addition. After you discuss the holding in Section 7, include a Section 8 which you title “My Thoughts.” In this section, discuss your opinion of the Decision reached in the case. Do not copy and paste directly from the opinions. Use your own words. Only briefings on the assigned court cases will be accepted. The cases eligible for briefing are linked in the content area. You may also locate these cases through independent research from public domain websites. Following is a list of websites/search engines that I suggest: Court cases FindLaw: I have found the FindLaw site to be the best, but I have had students who prefer one of the other three. Once you locate the FindLaw site, you may locate cases by doing a citation search, ex. “500 US 1,” or a party name search, ex. “Miranda.” The party name search is normally the best method. U.S. Supreme Court: Website of the United States Supreme Court; contains various facts, figures and data related to cases argued before the court. Cornell University Law School: Cornell University Law School's website; dedicated to the profession and rich in legal resources. Google: Some opinions may be located through a simple Google search. I would prefer that your journal be submitted as one integrated document with the briefs included at the end of your discussion of the chapter readings (Section One of the Journal). However, you may include the case briefings at the end of your Journal (after Section Four). SECTION TWO Summarize your discussion participation and describe your feelings about the discussions for the week. One paragraph here should be sufficient. SECTION THREE Summarize your preparation for quizzes and progress toward completing assignments. What other activities did you perform that were class related? One paragraph here should be sufficient. SECTION FOUR In this section include a general narrative of your progress, problems, and successes. This is also an area for you to discuss anything you feel is relevant that was not covered in another section. One paragraph is sufficient.

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