Section 1: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a business development technique in
Section 1: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a business development technique in which a new product/service is introduced in the market with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumers. The final product is released in the market only after getting sufficient feedback from the product's initial users. Minimum Viable Product or MVP is the most basic version of the product/service which the company wants to launch in the market for the purpose of getting feedback on it’s viability and it’s procing. It could be a video (like the Dropbox MVP), website (like the AirBnB MVP), simplified product protptype, survey about characteristics, etc. . By introducing the most basic version to the market, companies want to gauge the response from prospective consumers or buyers. This technique helps them in making the final product much better. With the help of MVP concept, the research or the marketing team will come to know where the product/service is lacking and or what are its strengths or weaknesses. MVP has three distinct features. One is that it will have enough information and/or features for consumers to purchase the product (it becomes easier for the company to market it), the other is that it will have some sort of a feedback mechanism wherein users would be able to send their feedback about the product. And, lastly it should have enough future benefits for consumers who to adopt the product first (Google gave a free upgrade of its Operating System to all Nexus phone users). The idea is to get feedback from the consumers which will in turn help in making the desired changes in the final product. MVP actually tests the consumer usage scenario and that is extremely helpful feedback for the company to make changes to the final product/service. DIRECTIONS: This is the third and last assignment in a related series of assignments for this course. YOU are going to design an MVP for your original Lean Canvas used in this class for the Midterm Assignment (which was related to the Business Opportunity Research Assignment). This assignment includes elements of the previous two research assignments as well as introduces a new concept. First, you will need to upgrade the research on your lean canvas customer segments because you will be required to find some research references to justify who you say the customer will be for this particular business (footnotes required). Second, your proposed business opportunity will need to be detailed and presented in the context of a specific geographic location (even online businesses). So, you will be required to research the composition of the relevant target market in a specific location. LAST, the proposed MVP will require some creativity and thought on your part. You have access to web links that will present the many different types of MVP's and examples of them. So, you will digest that information and propose your own MVP for the business used on the Business Opportunity Assignment and the Lean Canvas. If you didn't do either of those assignments then you will have to make something up (but know that you will lose credit for not making progress and developing the other two assignments). Please review the "MVP Example with Instructions" handout for further guidance and a list of some internet links to get you started researching about MVP's. The MVP Assignment is presented in two formats (Word and .pdf). Use and return just ONE of these templates. If using the Word Version, please note that each section should start on a new page (as formatted). The .pdf version is formatted for one page for each section (it really shouldn't take more than that for anything). This is a Very hard grader professor. I really need someone who will help me get an A on this assignment. I will attach all the supportingdocuments for this assignment, Including my past paper that it has to be based on.

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