Scientific and Technical Communication

Discussion Board - Week 1 | Graded


Please respond to two of the following prompts.

Prompt 1

  • Explain how a course in technical communication will help you meet the demands of the work world

Prompt 2

  • Go to a website for a car manufacturer of your choice (e.g., Comment on the sites vocabulary choice, graphics, visual design, and links. Does it meet the targeted readers needs?

Prompt 3

  • First, explain the writing flaws of each of the following sentences and then revise each to be more effective.
    • There are three sites in the New York area.
    • The contractor shall accomplish the removal of visible overspray.
    • Developing a new procedure was rated as the top quality assurance objective by the division managers.
    • The building contains a special incoming materials storage area.
    • Each student must complete COM2223 before he can enroll in upper level classes. 


Initial Post 

  • Minimum 250-350 words
  • Include at least two references from the text or an outside source in your analysis

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