Scenario & Assignment Process Scenario & Assignment Process You have been hired
Scenario & Assignment Process Scenario & Assignment Process You have been hired to perform a consulting project for a business of your choice. The project consists of analyzing online customer feedback about the organization and making recommendations to address the customer concerns. You need to complete the following tasks: 1. Choose a business. You may choose any business, provided there are enough customer feedback posts to draw a sample of 35 posts. Each person must choose a different company. A Google doc sign up form is available in Blackboard. *Refer to syllabus for due date* 2. Gather customer feedback posts. Using a formal method/process, gather a sample of customer feedback posts from online sources. You may consult Consumer Reports,, or another site that allows customer feedback (but is not designed just to “troll” a company). Alternatively, you may collect customer feedback from your place of work, if the company for which you work can provide you with 30 relatively recent customer responses. Remember that the quality of your report depends in part on the quality of your evidence, so gather feedback carefully. All customer feedback must come from the same source (i.e. reviews on, You need a sample of at least 35 posts for individuals from a single site. In addition, your report will need an appendix that includes all of the customer posts organized in a logical order. It is best to build this appendix as you gather the feedback posts. 3. Organize and classify the feedback comments. Create categories of comments and sort your samples into the categories. Come up with at least 3 major concerns the organization can address. Note that one feedback entry might include multiple comments, so while you 35 feedback posts/entries, you’ll likely have more than 35 concern-focused comments. You need to track your “n” (number of concern-focused comments). 4. Research the company and potentially the industry. 5. Research and develop appropriate, actionable, and specific recommendations. Note that the solution to some problems may be better communication rather than changing business practices. Determine possible recommendations and complete template. After all customer feedback posts are analyzed, categorized, and coded, determine which themes occur most frequently, then create at least 1 recommendation per theme that the company can implement to overcome the negative feedback from their customers. Recommendations should be specific and actionable. For example, many companies struggle with maintaining a consistent appropriate customer service. The question is why this is happening. Are the employees overworked or not empowered to help customers? If so, giving raises or training will not fix the issue. However, if the issue is that employees do not know how to provide a satisfactory level of customer service, then training would be an appropriate solution. If training is suggested as the solution, you must consider: who will do the training, who needs to be trained, who will keep up with the training records, how much will it cost, how will the training be developed?

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