Rubric for research paper: – Word count suggested 2750 words but at least 1500 w
Rubric for research paper: - Word count suggested 2750 words but at least 1500 words. Narrative should be succinct and avoid redundancy. - Contains all components of standard format for a review paper (see Format for a Review Paper on blackboard) - At least 10 total primary research and/or scientific articles must be cited in text – many can be used in intro section. - Body must include discussion of results across a minimum of 3 primary research papers. Review Paper Format and Grading Rubric Title – complete sentence title is descriptive of the overall review (2%) Abstract: summarizes all sections (8.5%): - 1-3 sentences for intro including the objectives for the review - 2-4 sentences of key findings - 2-3 sentences summarizing discussion and conclusions Table of contents: themes dealt on paper (2%) Intro: state background on topic, relevance and objectives including in text citations of introductory papers. (12.5%) Body of the review (35%): - Structure in thematic subheadings properly labeled by conclusions - Each subsection author paraphrases key conclusions, critique and discussions showing how the results including key figures/data from the articles reviewed. Conclusions (30%): summarizes key findings from the body of the review and considers future directions. References (5%) – must be correctly formatted, style is your choice: Vancouver, APA, AMA, Harvard. Mechanics (5%): at least 1500 words, with correct grammar and spelling. 3 Primary Resources to focus on: Outside Resources: Attached in the powerpoint are figures I used and my talking points for my presentation to help.

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