You will complete a Risk Register for your on-going Business Case project. Provide your Business Case. You will then complete the Risk Register in the template provided on the next page. Format the document so it is legible and easily read. You can adjust the row height or column width to achieve this formatting. Do not allow a single row to be split between two pages. The information required in each of the columns is as follows:

Risk Description: Identify the Risk associated with the Deliverable. Risks need to be known unknowns and not failure of planning or management.

Impact Statement: This is a narrative of potential overall impact if the risk should occur. This statement should thoroughly justify scores provided in Impact and Probability columns.

Deliverable: This will be the associated Deliverable from your Project Scope/WBS. Identify one risk for each of your six (6) Deliverables.

Probability (Column P): This is a score of 1-5. A score of 1 would be if the probability of the risk occurring is very slight and a score of 5 is that it will almost definitely occur.

Impact (Column I): This is a score of 1-5. A score of 1 would be the impact would have little impact if the risk occurs and a score of 5 would be catastrophic impact if risk event occurs.

Score (Column X): This is the Probability multiplied by the Impact.

Risk Response Strategy: This should be a detailed explanation on how to respond to the risk event. This must include direct correlation to the scores assigned to Probability/Impact. You will identify at least one of the Risk Responses from the textbook to utilize and explain the strategy for using this Response.

Business Case:

Risk Description

Impact Statement





Risk Response Strategy







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