Directions: Answer all the questions below as completely as possible. You want to write at least 150 words per question – this minimum does not include citations (in-text notes per MLA or APA style) and complete bibliographic citations at the end. If you need help with MLA or APA, manuals are available in the ASU bookstores, online vendors, and online resources. If you are using a media link, be sure to include it. In writing your answers, always include the number so we know which one is being answered. Lastly, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer – you just want to engage the items as best you can.

  1. What role does communication play in project risk management? What is the PM’s role in communicating and how can he/she do it most effectively?
  2. There is a new feature that a stakeholder wants to introduce to your project. This particular feature will greatly impact the scope and timeline of your project, so you are reluctant to accept it at this time. You would like to propose that this feature be revisited at a later time. Create an email to the stakeholder that nicely explains your position, and proposes a solution.

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