Revision of Chapter 1 of Dissertation in Practice
I have included my Chapter 1 Dissertation in Practice that was looked over by the Graduate Writing Center at the University. I need the corrections to be made and I need the following points to be addressed in the revised paper so that my Dissertation will be strong enough to be approved for Research when I go up to Defend the research in November 18, 2022. What’s more important to Dr. Garcia – is a solid argument (narrative on why your PoP is important to address [Justification section]), supported by the literature you’ve read, including a stout methodology. Stout!!! Without a strong methodology, IRB approval will be difficult to attain. 2) Methodology includes: a. Validation of interview or survey questions (resort to your methods coursework as a reminder of that process). I can help you with this, but get ahead of me by revisiting previously learned material. Without validation of interview or survey questions, your research will lack credibility. How will you ensure the validation of your questions, prior to defense. Prior to IRB? b. Data collection needs to be in-depth and well-articulated in your narrative. If it’s a T-test, how will that take place? Rather than defining what a T-test is, articulate how you will conduct such a method to your data collection and their analysis. c. Data analysis should also be described as thoroughly as possible. Are you relying on critical discourse analysis, or some type of an approach that guides your analysis, for example? If interviews, explain your approach to coding? Will memos or field notes be incorporated? If so, how? Or, will you design your own coding method – a bit tedious, but I find it more user-friendly. d. If relying on software to collect and analyze data, explain to your readers what that process will entail. Why that software? e. Data security. How will you ensure your collected data remain secure and confidential? For how long? 3) Informed consent. What will it include? How will you communicate this important step to your research with participants? Through email? ***********Please Focus on the Dissertation Manual pages for Chapter 1 requirements only******. I need strong research goals, literature review and methods of research for my defense in order to get my research approved.************

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